Location: CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA  PROJECT Completion: JULY 2016

Project management role. Urban lighting studies, social research workshops and temporary light installation.
The neighborhood of Getsemaní in Cartagena is a UNESCO designated world-heritage site. In 2013, Arup and its strategic partners completed a program of social research, quantitative and qualitative data collection, with the aim of developing a design strategy for the area's nighttime. 
In 2016, a pilot installation took place to activate one of the neighborhood's streets at night, through a community participated design process. Arup lighting designers were joined by social researchers from the London School of Economics, local mobility experts Despacio and strategic partner PLANE_SITE, among many others. 
The end result has proven that lighting can help transform public perception of urban spaces, while still respecting their unique history and character. This exercise of interdisciplinary research raised discussions for urban planning, such as historical preservation, infrastructure upgrade, cultural heritage, economic livelihood, tourism and mobility, and the pilot became a visible case study for Colombia and LATAM cities.
Workshop. © Dr. Don Slater- Configuring Light
Installation. © Dr. Don Slater- Configuring Light
Pilot. © Dr. Don Slater- Configuring Light
Pilot. © Dr. Don Slater- Configuring Light